Xaphoon Jones Vol. 1

We’re going to have to go back to September 1st for this one… Hopefully my strange melange of praise and criticism of Chiddy Bang will still be fresh in your minds. On reflection, I’m still adamant that I’m right; great production, good flow, but more-than-questionable lyrics.

Xaphoon Jones – Testify (Radiohead, Kanye West)

Xaphoon Jones – You Need (Clipse, Led Zeppelin)

Whilst Chiddy Bang were busy being salivated over by MGMT-infatuated bloggers, it seems that at least someone else agreed with me; Xaphoon Jones, the beatmaker and producer of Chiddy Bang, has come out with his own mixtape. Replacing Chiddy Bang’s lyrics with Kanye West’s, mixing it with some classic Radiohead and throwing in some Led Zeppelin, MGMT and Bob Marley just to make the record practically impossible to dislike.

Of course, this will lead some to speculate on the future of Chiddy Bang; is Xaphoon going to go it alone? Surprisingly, I couldn’t disagree with this point of view more. Xaphoon’s material will only help Chiddy Bang’s position and confirm for everyone who was only 50% sure about Chiddy Bang that they have a special talent in the form of Xaphoon. As I’ve readily admitted before now, they’ve also got the right flow, so if Kanye can act as the example to tighten up those lyrics, then Chiddy Bang look set to break out of the blog bubble.

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